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The P.J. Briggs Scholarship

What is it? 
A $5,000 annual contribution by the Briggs family to honor exceptional students involved in Recreational Services at UNC Charlotte.
Who is eligible?
  • Undergraduate students who will be classified as a Junior or Senior for Fall of 2016
  • Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Must be active in Recreational Services
  • Must hold a part time job

For more information visit the P.J. Briggs Scholarship page

The Winners

2015 Allen Shellenbarger            2014 Virtuous Harris                     2013 Courtney Kienitz
Allen_2015    2015_Virtuous     2015_Courtney_K

2012 Jessica James                   2011 Courtney Heikkila                2010 Leah Cameron
2015_Jessica_James      2015_Courtney_H     2010_Leah_Cameron

2009 Peachy Romero                   2008 Alisha Younts                       2007 Jessica Taylor
2009_Peachy_Romero     2008_Alisha_Younts     2007_Jessica_Taylor

2007 Julie Patrick                     2006 Jenny McCarthy                  2005 Todd Drye
2007_Julie_Patrick     2006_Jenny_McCarthy     2005_Todd_Drye

2004 Antonio Veal
(Not Pictured)


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